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Parsons Green Supply Center

The Parsons Green Supply Center is located on the 4th floor of 2 West 13th Street.

Below find an overview on the Center’s current supply levels. Please also visit the blog for daily picture updates on newly arrived materials. Click here for FAQs.

Title Description Stocksort icon
Material Samples Material samples may consist of various textiles, stoneware, ceramics, plastics, and etc... High
Computers Any computer from any era, as well as spare parts. Keyboards. Medium
Shelving & Parts Ranges from wooden shelving to metal shelving/racks & parts. Medium
Metal Scrap and sheet metal. Low
Personal Electronics All varieties of phones, audio equipment, mp3 players, and household electronics. Low
Wood Scrap sheet, 2 x 4s, and plywood. Low
Furniture chairs, tables, storage bins, office cabinets, etc Low
Foam Core foam core, all sizes and colors Low
Hardware nails, screws, fixtures, hinges, hooks, clips, drawer slides, fasteners, etc Low
odds & ends.... misc items, houseplants, spare parts, toys, kitchen ware, bed and bath items, glassware, packing materials, bubble wrap, fluorescent light fixtures, broken flat screen television, binders, etc Low
Cameras Digital and Analog, still and video cameras. None
Digital Storage Memory Cards, Hard Drives and iPods. None
Drawing Supplies Pens, pencils, charcoals, and pastels. None
Found Images Photos and prints, magazine tear-pages and other visual images. None
Physical Computing Supplies Arduinos, sensors, breadboards, wiring, and all other physical computing parts. None
Printmaking Screen-printing, engraving, and press supplies. Large woodcut block. None
Vinyl/Plexi Vinyl, Plexi and other sheet plastic None
Modeling Supplies RenShape, balsa foam, blue foam, clay, plaster, etc None
Fabric Any type of fabric material such as cotton, silk, canvas, leather, etc... None
Canvases New and used canvases and frames.
Paint All varieties of paint - Oil, Tempera, Acrylic, Watercolor.
Paper All types of artists paper.